Why God’s Toddler?

Apparently, if we don’t come to the kingdom of God as a little child, we have no place there.  Frankly, this is just as well.  One Winter’s morning in 2006, I was struck by the startling realisation that my toddler’s view of me was rather more developed than my own view of my heavenly father.

The posts in this blog include that realisation, and others.  Most of them are based on lessons my children have taught me.

In the main, they feature Oliver (8), Dominic (6), Elías (3), Marta (1) and my wife Mónica (all based in Cardiff, UK) and God (based pretty much everywhere)

If they make you think, laugh, or reconsider how you deal with your heavenly father, then it’s been worth posting them here.

In the meantime, I’ll keep my eyes open.  As God’s Toddler, I have a lot left to learn.

In attempt to maintain some basic decorum around these posts, while acknowledging that I sometimes get involved in the writing of pure inane ramblings, I have posted some of my less down-to-earth notes on a separate blog at http://ravingsofsane.wordpress.com


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